I yam what I yam!

In 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 the next section of this verse is, “It does not boast, it is not proud.”

Loving someone is, more often than not, a challenge. I believe one of the reasons it seems so hard to love others is because we honestly, don’t care.
It is like this, when you go to eat dinner at someone’s house and they serve spinach and chicken. Taking the chicken and eating all of it is easy for me because I love chicken. However I just tolerate the spinach, I take a little eat most and try not to let them see I don’t particularly like it. I tolerate it. Yes, it’s there, they can’t say I didn’t eat any, but you see the difference.

We are like Popeye, we eat our spinach but we hate every second of it! Then after we are done we get rewarded with strength (or fake friends.) We are happy with our little arrangement, we get to be liked but we don’t have to invest! Why change? “I yam what I yam!”

I know this is what most teenagers are like. Most of them (including me!) want to be liked by people. Who wouldn’t? But our pride stands in the way, we don’t think about loving one another for the kingdom of God. We think of tolerating people for the sake of our own mutual comfort.

1 John 3: 13 “Do not be surprised, my brother if the world hates you.”

One of the reasons people end friendships is because one person is phony. They don’t love, they tolerate.
The only solution I see is Jesus! Humans are awfully selfish! But if we love Jesus, his love will shine through! We will start to see people as beings in Christ instead of just a crowd that’s blocking our way to the exit.

When I first became a Christian I remember noticing people more, seeing their faces and recognizing that the God of the universe made them! I noticed, unfortunately, that most of them were not happy! You could see it on their face.

My point is that if you see people as children of God, it is easier to love them. People are annoying, yes. People will let you down, but don’t forget that they are just like you in the sense that they are God’s!

We don’t tolerate God! We love him, so don’t tolerate his children, love them.

It is much more productive for us if we are filled with endless love! If we walk around hating people, it doesn’t hurt them it just makes us bitter and farther from God.

I know lots of people think of Love as an emotion. But the love it talks about in the bible, I believe, is not an emotion, it is a choice.
You won’t all of sudden love everyone and have feelings of love all the time! No, you will have to make the choice to love people. There will be times when it would be much simpler to tolerate, but I pray you choose love!

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  1. Gma

     /  July 20, 2012

    Best line: “We will start to see people as beings in Christ instead of just a crowd that’s blocking our way to the exit.”
    How very Jesus.
    I remember when someone told me to pray when someone who always made me bristle, crossed my path. My prayer was to be: Lord, you know that this person makes me crazy–so now I pray–Let me see them as you do. Gee whiz–it happened right away that first time–and has every time sense over the last few decades. The very thought of maybe someone having to pray that in order to be around me–humbled my big stupid heart.
    God has a reason to plant these folks in our path–if we brush past them to simply mingle with our besties–yes, we are normal–but what divine appointment did we miss?
    I love this–You are wise indeed.

  2. Gma

     /  July 20, 2012

    Oopsie–spelling error in my REPLY. Should have been:. . . AND HAS HAPPENED EVERY TIME SINCE. Not sense. What a dolt.

  3. Jonah is a good book!

  4. wrong article, deleter that Jonah 🙂


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